Why we do, what we do

"Handouts are not going to end global poverty, but work, real work, just might." - Leila Janah

Co-creating 'real work’ opportunities for women living in poverty gives them freedom to make their own life choices.

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Our Impact

For the reasons above, we create dignified employment for women living in low-income and marginalised communities in India.

  • 8

    Number of women currently employed full-time

  • 160 +

    Number of women employed through the gig economy

  • 122,304

    Hours of dignified employment provided

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We focus on education, employment, empowerment.

- Providing access and opportunity for training and development

- Creating an environment with access to basic needs in the form of clean water and improved health

- Celebrating the women by encouraging participation in fortnightly self-care activities

- Advocating for shared voices and collective agency within the working culture

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And these intangible outcomes.

In providing women with income and opportunity through safe and sustainable employment,

we have recognised these intangible impacts that goes far beyond just employment and

greater income:

- Increased self-esteem

- Community Empowerment

- Greater physical and mental wellbeing

- Increased household decision-making power

- Sense of Independence

Thank you for supporting our vision through sharing our story, purchasing from us and donating to help us in our mission to end global poverty, one job at a time.